I literally have so many people asking how DayGlow: Escape Reality was.

I don’t usually refer people to events if it’s not worth it, but If you haven’t attended a paint party, YOU NEED TO FUCKING GO. Probably one of the greatest experiences of my life. They have countdowns on paint blasts, gloving and light shows, dubstep and house music, people stripping off their clothes, and some of the best Dj’s that gets the crowd hyped up (Laidback Luke is ranked in the top 20’s of the world and was at the UCF Arena. I’m posting an Orlando edition from the one I was at last night for everyone who has no idea what DayGlow is.)

IN CASE YOUR WONDERING: The paint does burn a little, especially in your eyes and it depends on how you react to it just because its being shot at you from tubes and cannons but after awhile your whole body is numb so the pain goes away.

Here are answers to questions people have asked me so I won’t flood your dash.

What is the atmosphere like? Hot or cold?

-Your dancing your ass off with paint splattered on your body up against so many different people, your going to be hot but they have air cannons that shoot out cold air and refreshes everyone in the crowd.

How much was the ticket for Dayglow?

-Mine came to $50 for floor, (recommended) and its $45 for stands. Different cities may cost more depending on the venue but check out www.dayglowtour.com

Does the paint come out of your clothes?

-YES it does. I took a shower as soon as i got home and it came right off, the only annoying part was all the paper confetti that sticks to your skin.

What kind of specific music did they play?

-Flux Pavilion: basscannon had the whole fucking crowd jumping.

-Laidback Luke- Break the house down

-Dj Fresh- Gold Dust 

-Ajapai & Adroa- Decimation

-Skream & Example- Shot Yourself In The Foot Again

I was sky high and those were the only songs that I got  excited for, but ALOT of amazing songs that were even collabs of different Dj mixes.

What kind of stage performance did they have?

-DANCING WITH THE DEVIL. This guy killed the act with his laser beams and air cannons, and taking the words from him.. “We’ll give you sex, drugs, and fucking alcohol. You are now in another dimension, everybody fucking dance.” 

There were also alot of creatures that shook paint on the crowd, and girl performers splashing paint. Overall it was an amazing experience.


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